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Facial Cryotherapy

Meet the new and non-invasive Botox. Do you want to have a fresh, tight, and young-looking skin? Who doesn’t right? Experience our anti-aging Cryo Facial. We apply pressurized cold air vapors to the face and neck to stimulate skin tissue and in consequence the production of collagen. So, your skin becomes tighter, more toned, and blood circulation is improved. It can also help decrease Wrinkles & Lines, Pore Size, and Brighten Dark Spots. Call and make an appointment today!


Localized Cryotherapy

Many athletes with small or large injuries in the soft tissue of their bodies benefit from local cryotherapy. Additionally, local cryotherapy targets the areas affected and provides the patient with a reduction of muscle tension and pain, a natural analgesic effect and oxygenated blood flow. The treatment also works to help improve the rate of healing and recovery as well as further relaxation of muscle tension and an increase in exercise tolerance. This process helps strengthen and improve the muscles to reduce possible future injuries.


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