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How it works

Cryotherapy simply put is “Cold Therapy”. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a short (3 minute) exposure to extreme cold (-256 degrees) where nitrogen vapor evenly circulates inside a human-sized tank (cryosauna). Your body is exposed from your shoulders down to extreme cold which triggers a fight-or-flight survival response. This causes blood to temporary leave the less vital areas of your body to go protect your body’s core. Your body will then prepare to fix any potentially damaged organs by pushing more oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients into your blood.


Benefits of Cryotherapy

Boost Energy

Once you’ve finished your cryotherapy session, your body released the newly enriched blood and nutrients throughout your body, flushing the toxins from your skin surface, joints, and muscle tissues. This feeling will help you free refreshed and rejuvenated. Also releasing endorphins, you’ll instantly get a “runners high,” or what we like to call the “Cryo Rush.” This rush can help promote energy to better your workouts! Take advantage of the rush that cryotherapy promotes and the cryotherapy benefits to improve your overall mood for the day!

Improve Mood

Improve your overall mental health with Whole Body Cryotherapy! Believed to combat depression by triggering the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, cryotherapy can reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability. WBC also supports muscle and joint recovery from working out, and sharpens cognitive functions. Get the best therapeutic experience for your body, and relive the impact stress on your body, from exercise, or just daily life!

Pain Relief

You can help reduce swelling from an injury that will help your pain tied to the injury. Cryotherapy is most effective for controlling pain that comes from swelling. Fill your blood with nutrients and enzymes that release endorphins which can reduce the pain associated with the swelling.


"Cryotherapy has done wonders for my workouts and overall well-being."

– Ernie S


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